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Competition Heats Up As Regionals Draws Near

March 1, 2010

By Jason R. West

Just as the weather outside is beginning to warm up, so is the intensity and competition for the Green Demon wrestlers. At this time of year the goal is to get as much mat time as possible against the best competition as possible. This weekend, twelve of the Green Demon wrestlers found just that as they traveled to Menasha for their youth wrestling tournament. With only one week left before the Wisconsin Kids Folkstyle Regionals, Makinlea Gast is hitting stride taking home her first 2nd place finish of the year while recording her second career pin. Rylan Burrows and Sebastian Billington continued to pile up the victories as both of the wrestlers won their respective brackets. If you would’ve blinked in Brandon Kniprath’s final match of the day, you would’ve missed the entire match. As Brandon pinned his opponent in eight seconds missing the fastest pin award by only a half second for his mat. This coming weekend the Green Demons will travel to tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday for their final weekend of preparation.

Menasha 2/28/10 Place Pins
Sebastian Billington 1st 2
Rylan Burrows 1st 2
Cameron Caldwell 2nd 2
Makinlea Gast 2nd 1
Justyn Kniprath 2nd 1
Isaac Jr Salinas 2nd 0
Brandon Kniprath 3rd 1
Cody Bogseth 3rd 0
Sierra Kemp 4th 0
Josh Wallner 4th 0
Frank Murray 4th 0
Curtis Gregory 4th 0
Waunakee 2/28/10 Place Pins
Griffin West 3rd 2
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