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Our tournament runs as a bullpen.  Your wrestlers will be assigned a chart number, and it is very important that all wrestlers remember their chart number.  Wrestlers will wrestle on various mats, but their chart number will stay the same throughout the tournament.

There will be three (3) one-minute periods.  Each period, the wrestlers will start on their feet. If a tie exist at the end of a regulation, then there will be a one (1) minute overtime period, with both wrestlers on their feet. The first point scored wins.

If a second overtime is needed, the period will be 30 seconds. The wrestler that scored first in regulation will get the choice. If there is no score, the referee will flip a coin. The wrestler that wins choice can choose top or bottom. If the wrestler chooses top, in order to win, he or she cannot let the wrestler on the bottom score any points.  If the wrestler chooses bottom, in order to win, he or she needs to earn an escape, reversal or receive points through a penalty.

At the end of all three rounds, if two wrestlers are tied with a 2-1 record, the winner will be based on the result of their head to head match.

If three wrestlers are tied with a 2-1 record, the following criteria, in the listed order, will determine the winner.

1. Most pins

2. Fastest Pin Time

3. First point scored

4. Most takedowns.

5. Most near falls

6. Total score of all three rounds.

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