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The Green Demon Wrestling Club is a non-profit organization.   The money raised by the club goes to pay for registration fees for our wrestlers to attend tournaments ($10.00-$20 per wrestler each tournament), equipment, rent for practice space, insurance, and utilities.  Financial reports are available for parents to look at from the treasurer at any time.

While our home tournament and donations from our sponsors provide the bulk of the funding to keep this club going, we as a group need to participate in additional fundraising to maintain a financially healthy organization.   Remember to contribute to the club with these simple items, and you will be helping support the club!  Every little bit helps!

  • Home Tournament: Every season we have our annual Club/Family run tournament at the AF High School. This is the biggest fundraiser for our club every year. This year it will be held on SATURDAY, JANUARY 31st,. 2015  On this day we need all the family help and support we can get.  This tournament is successful due to the large number of volunteers from the community and the dedication of the parents and families of the wrestlers.  A minimum of two family members/friends per wrestler must help this day to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.  Parents need to sign up to work in one of many areas as soon as possible.  (See Paula Nawrot)
  • COMMUNITY SPONSORS:  Every year, the club sends out sponsor letters to area businesses to seek donations to aid in supporting the club.  This year we are trying something a little different in an effort to provide our supporting businesses with the most recognition we can, by offering various sponsorship levels with various increasing benefits to the sponsor. Businesses may also donate prizes (services or merchandise) that can be used for raffles.  Parents can help this effort by talking with local area businesses, your employers, and your families, and encourage their support of our club. All donations are considered  charitable contributions, and receipts are offered for tax purposes.  Anyone you know who is interested in offering a donation to our club, please have them contact Deb Kniprath, Treasurer or mail monetary donations to: PO Box 424; Friendship, WI.   Don’t forget to patronize our sponsors and return the support to them!
  • ADAMS FRIENDSHIP COUNTY MARKET RECEIPT REBATES – Please bring in all of your Adams Friendship County Market Receipts, and leave them in the box located at practice.  The club receives a percentage of receipt totals through their community sharing program. Receipts are turned in twice per year – November 30th and again in the spring. This is an easy way to help support the club, collect receipts from all of your friends and family too!
  • ALUMINUM CAN CAN RECYCLING – GREEN DEMON CAN CAGE – The Green Demon club owns the can cage located in Adams behind the Cenex / McDonalds. Please help the club by dropping off your aluminum cans here. Encourage your family and community contacts to help support the club by leaving their cans for recycling.

The more participation we receive with these simple fundraisers – the less chance we will have to conduct additional fundraisers of selling candy or other items!

If you have any questions about our club fundraisers, please contact a board member.

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