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March 8, 2010

Continuing the pursuit of mat time and practice, and while seeking challenges to prepare for regionals, the Green Demons visited the New Lisbon Youth Wrestling tournament on Saturday, and Marshfield on Sunday.  The New Lisbon tournament provided a new experience for the Green Demon youth, offering them the opportunity to watch and learn from a few of our high school wrestlers at the same tournament, including former Green Demons Tyler Burrows and Trevor McManus, as well as wrestler Tyler Schultz. 

Griffin West took some hard hits in New Lisbon, but little did most of the crowd know that Griffin was wrestling up both by weight class and grade to challenge himself to the toughest competition possible on the weekend before regionals – a solid testament to his character, drive and dedication. Once again, the Demons fell short of a team trophy but as individuals, reflected an outstanding showing of remarkable improvement. Connor Thomas, a first year wrestler, provided an exceptional display in all three rounds, pinning his first two opponents of the day, and falling just short of the coveted first place by a slight loss in the 3rd round.  Sebastian Billington, Rylan Burrows and Nicholas Prasalowicz each contributed a 1st place to the team in New Lisbon, with Isaac Salinas, Makinlea Gast and Josh Wallner scoring 2nd place for the day. Brandon and Justyn Kniprath and Gavin Glass each took 3rd place, and despite their grand efforts, Garrett Gasienica and Griffin West ultimately finishing with 4th.

Makinlea Gast, being one of the only remaining girls on the Demon roster, has shown impressive and consistent improvement in technique, skill, and endurance in every match she wrestles, proving that she is letting the wrestling world know she is a force to be reckoned with. While the trophy place Makinlea brings home does not always reflect the effort and determination she brings to the mat, Makinlea has grown to become an outstanding addition to the Demon team and a positive example for all beginner wrestlers – regardless of age. On Saturday Makinlea tech-falled a male wrestler 15-0 and on Sunday in Marshfield, she defeated her first opponent that in the past has pinned her, with a winning score of 11-0. Makinlea’s attitude and sportsmanship is a positive example for all, particularly for a wrestler starting out in 6th grade and repeatedly facing opponents that often have many years experience over her.

In Marshfield, Christafer Humphrey won his first match ever. Once again, Chris is a new wrestler coming in to the game as a 5th grader, so his opponents are often more experienced wrestlers. Chris too, always handles this fact with a positive attitude and solid display of improvement.

Also in Marshfield, Rylan Burrows demonstrated a show stopping 1st place win in a 5 man bracket against some solid competition, and winning an extra award for the Most Pins in the Fastest Time for his mat……with 3 pins in 3 minutes and 40 seconds.  Also pulling out a 1st place was Justyn Kniprath, finishing overall with one pin and two wins, including an exciting 3rd round overtime period. 

Many members of the Green Demons will compete this weekend in Folkstyle Youth Regionals held at a variety of locations across the state. Only 1st and 2nd place Regional Winners from each location will advance to the state tournament.  Wish them luck as they each pursue a spot for State, which will be held on March 27th at the Alliant Center in Madison.  GO GREEN DEMONS!


Competition Heats Up As Regionals Draws Near

March 1, 2010

By Jason R. West

Just as the weather outside is beginning to warm up, so is the intensity and competition for the Green Demon wrestlers. At this time of year the goal is to get as much mat time as possible against the best competition as possible. This weekend, twelve of the Green Demon wrestlers found just that as they traveled to Menasha for their youth wrestling tournament. With only one week left before the Wisconsin Kids Folkstyle Regionals, Makinlea Gast is hitting stride taking home her first 2nd place finish of the year while recording her second career pin. Rylan Burrows and Sebastian Billington continued to pile up the victories as both of the wrestlers won their respective brackets. If you would’ve blinked in Brandon Kniprath’s final match of the day, you would’ve missed the entire match. As Brandon pinned his opponent in eight seconds missing the fastest pin award by only a half second for his mat. This coming weekend the Green Demons will travel to tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday for their final weekend of preparation.

Menasha 2/28/10 Place Pins
Sebastian Billington 1st 2
Rylan Burrows 1st 2
Cameron Caldwell 2nd 2
Makinlea Gast 2nd 1
Justyn Kniprath 2nd 1
Isaac Jr Salinas 2nd 0
Brandon Kniprath 3rd 1
Cody Bogseth 3rd 0
Sierra Kemp 4th 0
Josh Wallner 4th 0
Frank Murray 4th 0
Curtis Gregory 4th 0
Waunakee 2/28/10 Place Pins
Griffin West 3rd 2


February 17, 2010

Taking a break and having some fun at the hotel between wrestling

With a group of the Green Demons traveling to Holmen and LaCrosse over the weekend, our wrestlers faced competition that they could be meeting in upcoming Regional Tournaments.  Saturday, 9 wrestlers competed at the Holmen Viking Youth Tournament.  With some close matches also came some tough losses as well as some tasting of sweet victory.  Makinlea Gast impressed the crowd in an exciting 4th round match, ultimately tying the score 10-10 for an overtime round, in which she was defeated by takedown.  As sometimes happens, Rylan Burrows had to face our very own Sierra Kemp, who as a first year wrestler always gives it her all and exhibits grand determination.  Brandon Kniprath achieved 1st place, with three pins for the day, while Jusytn Kniprath won two matches by pinfall, and Nicholas Prasalowicz with one win by pin. 

At the L.A.W. (LaCrosse Area Wrestlers) Youth Tournament on Sunday, 9 was again the magic number and many our wrestlers went home with some hard lessons and losses to learn from. Rylan Burrows achieved the only 1st place for the day with one pin and two wins.  Sebastian Billington also had one pin and one win for the day, leaving with a 2nd place standing. As we get closer to Youth Folkstyle Regionals, our youth continue to seek out competition equal to what they will meet at any of the regional locations across the state, and work to build on their strengths while learning to overcome their individual challenges and work to consistently improve their skills.   In the upcoming weeks, our wrestlers will travel to Oxford, Pardeeville, Menasha and others to seek out a variety of competition and continue to prepare for Regionals. In addition to our regular youth practices and for a second time this year, the Green Demons are hosting a Camp of Champs training clinic this Friday, February 19th for additional skill and team building activities during their school day off.


February 8, 2010


The Green Demon Wrestling club had 16 of our youth members compete in the Wautoma Stingers Youth Wrestling Tournament on Sunday, February 7, 2010. Every weekend it seems there is a different kid from the club showing they’ve learned more than just half nelsons and cradles while attending the Green Demon practices. This weekend it was 6th grader Rylan Burrows turn to step up to the plate, as he found himself matched up to face fellow teammate 5th grader Brandon Kniprath. If the two were to face off on the mat it would take points away from the Green Demons Team Roster and reduce their chances of bringing home a team trophy. Putting the best interest of the team in front of his personal agenda, Rylan moved up into the 7th and 8th grade bracket. In his first match Rylan made easy work of the older kid and won by the way of a pin. As Rylan took the mat in his second match of the day it reminded me of the scene from Rocky IV when Rocky Balboa stood in the middle of the ring looking up at the much larger Soviet boxer Ivan Drago. But as the movie went, so did this match as the smaller Rylan Burrows won by points and secured a first place finish for the day. Although the Green Demon team fell five points short of bringing home a fourth place trophy, you could still see the pride on the faces of the parents and wrestlers as they left the gym that day!       



February 8, 2010

Our club is again hosting a Camp of Champs Team Training clinic Friday, February 19th at Skateland from 12 pm -5 pm, with Ben Peterson joining us again as the instructor. There is no school that day, so this is a great way to spend your day getting in some additional practice before Regionals!   Any additonal Green Demon members wishing to sign up, please contact us at Those who are signed up, payment is due this week, no later than Thursday the 11th!


  •  Cost is $10.00 per wrestler, payment due at practice this week!     (Club is again paying for the majority of the cost.)
  •  You must sign up in advance.
  •  The club will be providing a meal for all wrestlers during the camp.   If parents wish to join their wrestler for the meal, you must let us know in advance.  Cost will be $5.00 per adult meal.
  •  It is not necessary for parents to stay for the clinic but you must have completed your medical release forms and be sure to provide a number where you can be reached during the event. Should anyone need transportation due to no school, please let us know, we may be able to help!

Hope to see your wrestler there!


February 8, 2010
2009-2010 GREEN DEMONS

Front Row: (L to R) : Blayde Wallner, Riley Danowski, Isaac Salinas Jr., Nicholas Prasalowicz, Kamille West, Josh Wallner, Justyn Kniprath, Travis Ross, Steven Nawrot, Dylan Sleeman

Second Row (L to R): Harry Nawrot, Garrett Gasienica, Nate Lamberton, Darian Hutzenbuehler, Connor Thomas, Logan Etheridge, Jace Hutzenbuehler, Johnathan Garmon, Sebastian Billington, J.J. Corral, Coach Lucio Cuarenta

Third Row (L to R) : Christafer Humphrey, Gavin Glass, Cameron Caldwell, Brandon Kniprath, Rylan Burrows, Makinlea Gast, Sierra Kemp, Mikayla Dickerson, Griffin West

Last Row (L to R): Coach Jake Prasalowicz, Coach Brandon Wallner, Head Coach Ron Burrows, Coach Randy Billington and Coach Larry Gasienica 

 Not pictured: Jared Lenze, Jordyn Samson, Hunter Droste, Conner Sweeney, Jordan Dolata, Dylan Richardt, Kim Fischer, Dalton Probyn and Mason Setzke


January 19, 2010


The AF Green Demon Wrestlers are back and in the swing of things. They started the season in December with 5 wresters traveling to a tournament in Sun Prairie with: Nicholas Prasalowicz taking first place, Sebastian Billington second place, and Jared Lenze, Justyn Kniprath, and Brandon Kniprath all placing third.

On January 3rd two team members traveled to Neenah with Jared Lenze bringing home first place while Nicholas Prasalowicz placed third. 

On January 10th the Green Demons had a great turn out with 22 wrestlers traveling to the Nekoosa-Port Edwards tournament. With 8 wrestlers bringing home first place trophy’s: Rylan Burrows with 2 pins, Jace Hutzenbuehler with 1 pin and 2 wins by points, Nicholas Prasalowicz with 2 pins, Isaac Salinas Jr. with 2 pins and a win by points, Josh Wallner with 1 pin and a win by points, Blayde Wallner with a pin and 2 by points, while Sebastian Billington had 2 pins and a overtime win by points. Also a promising young wrestler Kamille West brought home a first place trophy in her first ever tournament with a pin and finishing the day by winning with points. Returning home with second place trophies were: Justyn Kniprath with 2 pins, Brandon Kniprath with 2 wins, Garrett Gasienica with one pin and one win on the day along with Griffin West. Six wrestlers brought home third place trophies: J.J. Corral, Christopher Humphrey, Darian Hutzenbuehler, Dalton Probyn, and Dylan Sleeman each earned a win. Makinlea Gast also earned her first career pin in her first tournament ever wrestled. Riley Danowski, Hunter Droste, Johnathan Garmon, and Serria Kemp all brought home fourth place trophies. 

While the Green Demons have many veteran wrestlers returning for the season, there are also a large number of new wrestlers of all ages who will compete throughout the State in the next few weeks in hopes of making it the state finals in March. Also the AF Green Demons will be hosting their annual home tournament, which typically draws over 500 wrestlers from all over the state at the A-F High School on Saturday January 30th

Article by Bonnie Billington


December 15, 2009

This group of wrestlers really enjoyed the clinic held last Friday with Ben Peterson, Camp of Champs.


December 10, 2009

Our club is hosting a Camp of Champs Team Training clinic December 11th at Skateland from 4 pm – 9 m, with Ben Peterson as the instructor.  Any Green Demon members wishing to sign up, please contact us at


  •  Cost is $5.00 per wrestler, payment due at practice this week!     (Club is paying for the majority of the cost.)
  •  You must sign up in advance by no later than  Thursday, December 10th  at practice.
  • The club will be providing a meal for all wrestlers during the camp.   If parents wish to join their wrestler for dinner, you must let us know in advance.  Cost will be $5.00 per adult meal.
  • It is not necessary for parents to stay for the clinic but you must have completed your medical release forms and be sure to provide a number where you can be reached during the event.

If the clinic goes well, and there is interest for additional camps, the club will consider sponsoring additional camps / training clinics.

Hope to see your wrestler there!


November 12, 2009

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